Sin City: Abuja Fantasy (chapter 17-18)

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Now about this school of health, I did learn nursing in India for few months so at least I have some idea about it, and also my mum is a nurse I learnt alot from her, it won’t be that difficult I hope, so I thought.


University of Abuja teaching hospital is a big University with standard buildings, 24 hours power supply, I love the school, they are good outside let’s see how good they are inside, 


First day in school, I walk inside the school gate with my arm bag with small book and a pen, I dress cooperate, first day in school I want to look good, we have class around 8 in block C, I walk inside the school and then follow the road that lead to school of nursing, am not the only one lost as there are many students too asking for directions and also walking very fast to catch up with first lecture, I enter my department gate, another long road to walk, I greet the gatemen, they search my bag and then I rush inside school, I look for block C and when I saw it I saw so many people inside already receiving lectures, how can I enter when am late, I just hope the lecturer will not disgrace me, there are two doors to the class, I followed the back door and quietly enter when the lecturer was writing something on the board, unfortunately for me she turn the moment I try to sit down.


“Hello, you come here” she said.


I was lost I know she was talking to me but I behave like I didn’t know.


“Me” I said pointing to myself.


“No me” she replied and the class laugh, we are very many more than 100, I kept my bag on the sit and as I walk first step she said “no carry uoir bag”, I took my bag and walk to the front in the eyes of so many students looking at me,.


“Who are you?” 


“My name is Akhigbe Godsgift, and am from Edo state” I repied.


“So what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be in Edo state?” She ask again.


“Am a student here, and this is my class” I was starting to get angry.


“No oh, you can’t be, 30 minutes is gone already so go out and wait for your next class” she said.


I was insulted, I look at her wanted to say something, I decided to keep quiet and walk out, but today is my first day, if I have problem in my day 1 in class how will others look like?


As I wanted to cross the door I turn back and walk back to her, she look at me.


“I said get out” she said.


“Ma, am really sorry I came late, my place is far even though I woke up early traffic hold me up, by next week I will have an apartment close to school so I won’t come late again, please am really sorry I don’t want to miss your lecture” I said.


She look at me, from front up to down, she didn’t want to budge but looking at the students face she saw pity, and then she said.


“Get a sit, I won’t tolerate it next time, sit in the front so that I will be seeing you, always sit in the front in my class” she said.


“Thank you ma” I said.


There’s no sit in the front so I walk back and collect my previous sit, I took to the front and sit down, I took my book and pen, ready for lecture.


“Now where did we stop” the lecturer ask.




The class hold for another one hour before she conclude, and of course she gave assignment, we have another class in ten minutes time, I ask for the course rep but they said they don’t have a rep yet, so I just collect the note from one girl and write, we are very many we are one hundred and five and not all of us are here yet, there are like ninety females, the guys are few, most of them are muslim,.


First day in school I behaved like a gentleman, I received lectures normally and complete my note, very soon they will start sending us to the hospital to observe our seniors collect drip and check temperature, they will pair us with our senior colleagues, that will be fun, the class ended around 4pm, I try to look for my three friends, I didn’t see them I even check their classes with no luck, maybe they have not resume, sometimes senior students always resume classes late, we green leaf are the desperate ones and eager to be among.


I got home later in the evening, no friends to hang out with yet, I did my assignment and then stroll out to buy some decorations to decorate my room, I buy sexy and romantic pictures, i bought mini home theater and wire the room, I bought small smart TV and a DVD player, I make sure the room is nice and comfortable too, am not here to suffer am here to have fun and flex.


I also bought gas cooker too, I took some plates and cooking tools from my sister so I don’t need to buy them, at the end of the day my room look like a working class type, I was home chatting in the night when Mitchele called, I pick it up.


“Hello dear” I said.


“You didn’t even bother to call me at all, it’s not fair” she said.


“Am sorry, I have been busy, trying to catch with Abuja life” I said.


“Hmm okay, so what’s up did you get the admission?” She ask.


“Isha Allah I did, I have even started school self, still trying to get a house sha” I lied.


“Well get a home so that I will come stay with you, there are many jobs I can do in Abuja, I can even support you financially” she said.


“Yeah, I will a get house soon and then I will call you, for now let me concentrate on my studies, how is our baby” I ask.


“Shes fine” she said.


“Alright, take care I will start calling you regularly now, what are doing for the time being?” 


“Working in a salon for now, I want to open mine someday,” she said.


“Good luck then” I said and hung up.


I know she will start coming if I told her I have found house, so I lied, I will even tell her am squatting with someone so that she will not come and stay with me, I don’t want her here.

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